July 31, 2011

the marketplace...

the last couple of years about this time
it seems like life has hit a rough patch.
there has been a lot of stress...
family stuff, money...yada yada yada.
my little bi-polar issue starts to rear
it's head in a most unpleasant way.
my husband's first words are this...
maybe you shouldn't do the show.
i think this may be his way of trying 
to get out of it...not sure.
the thing is this...
i LOVE doing it!
it is on my things that make me happy list.
it is such a great place to throw all
the creative manicness that comes
with these little episodes.
and it gives me something amazing
to look forward to.
i am sooo excited to decorate
the yard and maybe finish a project.
to dig out all of the stuff for my booth.
since he is on hiatus, maybe permanently,
from craft shows i have to do at least one!!
so, people who read my blog,
make sure to set september 17th aside.
i have some fabulous ideas this year
and can't wait to share them with you!!

i also want to share this with you because
this kid makes my heart happy.
specially when she sings...
she makes up her own songs and sings
about everything and anything.
turn up your volume and listen
to the next taylor swift.
*big smile*

what is missing is her walking down the hallway
and saying to me...
'yes!  i am emboressed'.

happy sunday!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what a sweetie,, I hope your day and days to come are easy ones,, beautiful post

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