July 26, 2011

my new creative love...

i have wanted to do collage art for a long time now.
i love it how they mix all kinds of good stuff together
and come up with something cool...love it.
i was so excited when i started soul restoration...
there that is again, sorry but it's been a huge part of everything lately for me.
bear with me.

reminds me of a story...my parents sent me away to one of those
wilderness camps a week before my 18th birthday
and when dave and i first got married it seemed like i said every day at least
twice...when i was in the desert. there was this one time at band camp. 
 it got so him and mady made fun of me on a 
regular basis about that.  please don't make fun of me for saying...'hey i learned
this one thing in soul restoration'.  it might be around for a while and soon i 
hope to take the 2nd round so then it will start all over again! bwahhha
just love me.

back to the subject at hand...where was i?
oh yeah, collage art.
when i started soul restoration
 she taught me about art journaling.
oh my fit made in heaven.
i love journaling...it has been an 
outlet for me since i was 8.
i could get all my teenage angst out on 
pages of a book and writing became
something to keep me sane sometimes.
i have journals for the two 
oldest girls...peytie's is coming!
i had a journal so full of sadness and grief 
that i tore it apart and burned it when
the big guy and i got married...but it was still
 something that helped me through hard times.
it was kind of cathartic to watch that baby burn,
 knowing that time of life was OVER!
so back again to the subject at hand.
i have been art journaling up a storm!
i LOVE it!!!

it's like that wall that you had in your room when
you were 14 that had all the esprit ads and pictures of madonna
and marc jacob ads with that girl with the long straight hair.
she was wayyy before her time back in the 80's,
 i also had tickets and love notes
and funny pictures that friends had drawn me.
my dad let me have that wall in my room at his house when i was 
in jr. high.  me and my friend had a blast making that wall.
anywho...art journaling is a lot like that.
a great big collage of art, ephemera, and journaling.
every person is going to do it differently 
but that is what makes it awesome!
that is what makes art awesome.
we all have our own interpretations and most all of them are
 beautiful in their own way.

so i wanted to share a little of my art journaling with you.
the other crazy thing is this...
i haven't created anything just for me for i don't
know how long.
i never make anything without thinking of selling it
or feeling guilty if i am not going to make money from it.
it's kept me from being truly creative and it's kept 
me from making things just for the sheer fun of it!!
no more, my friends, no more.

this is my happy journal...a place to fill with all the happy thoughts!
and to go to remind me of what my happy thoughts are 
when i need a gentle reminder.

every page doesn't have to be elaborate...just a little gesso and some paint
and i had the perfect place for a list of happiness.

i just mod podged things that make me smile on the inside...
there's lots more room to add more!

a page ready to be filled...yay!
then when i can't get all the paints and goodies out
i can still journal.

i found some old music that i have had since i was four and 
attended the peppermint house preschool.
it is safe and sound in a journal and somewhere that
 i can see it instead of being stuffed
in a box in the garage.  it's also a great place to
 gather my truths from brave girls club, 
graphics from some of the ladies who inspire
 me and all kinds of little goods.
i have even cut out pictures the girls have 
made and mod podged those in..

i'm tellin ya girls...it's been a ball!
i've used dave's old electrical books that he has had sitting around
forever, glued the pages together so they are a little thicker
and painted and mod podged and written and had so much fun.
it makes me feel like my creativity is still alive in there!
so there you go...show and tell.
*big Smile*

soul restoration started again today...
you know i'm going to say it...
go sign up!!!!
you are so worth it!



Mindy said...

I freakin' love this stuff. I want to see it in person, if you'll let me sometime. :) I'll show you my "messy book" from girls camp too... it's not nearly as pretty as yours, but it's fun. :)

the WINTERS family! said...

so fun! My girls have been doing this IN their journals for a few years. Wish I had the ambition to do it too.

Morgan Winters said...

Marci this is unreal! I love it!

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