July 12, 2011


i love melody ross.
she is the original brave girl.
the one who came up with
~soul restoration~.
which restored my soul...
with my help, of course.
*big smile*
she had this quote on her blog
and i wanted to share it with 
all my girls because i 
love, love, love it.
she gets it.
she gets what being a 
woman is all about.

I think one of the most loving things you can do for another
 human being is to truly "SEE" them...I am not talking about 
noticing their hair or their funky new shoes...I am talking about 
really SEEing who she is...what she is about...
what she yearns for...what scares her...what she is made of...
what she is gifted at....what she is learning...
what she has already learned....how absolutely
 heartbreakingly brilliant her spirit is.....
~melody ross

can you imagine how amazing
you would feel if you really tried to see people
for all of those things?
i know i would be a much 
better person.
i think i'll try it.


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Marci, it was so great to meet you on Saturday. Thanks for coming to Fleaology. Hope you found some great treasures.


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