August 22, 2011


this picture is my sweet friend mindy's daughter.
when i asked mindy if i could steal it from her
she sent it in an email and the name on
the file was change.  the funny thing is...this picture
was something that i was using for a big 
change in my life.  hmmm.
i am on the edge of a new venture...
it's something i have been thinking about
and planning for a few months and
am more excited about then anything!
 but i am not ready to launch yet.
here's where you come in.
i need all of you, my favorite peeps,
 to give me some help.
so, if you are a lurker who usually doesn't comment,
i really need you to comment today, or tomorrow, or next week...
just sometime, on this post.
pretty please.
don't make me beg, it isn't pretty.

so, out with it already, right?
i need each and every one of you to
think real hard about what or who inspires you.
not like your mom or your church leader or your 
amazing big get the point.
i need you to think about what blogs, what stores,
what books, what inspirational gals online,
inspire you to create.  whether
it is painting or art journaling or photography or 
jewelry or sewing, gift wrapping or giving, decorating
your house, or whatever!
just what makes you want to go right out
and make something, create something,
take a most fabulous picture, sew a quilt, 
or write the book of your heart.  
then, i need you to comment here and let me know.
i am looking for things on the www mostly but if there
is a favorite store that gives that creativity inside you 
a spark then let me know about that too.
if you have any questions then please let me know.
you guys are the!


August 20, 2011

saturday mornings...

here's the deal...
my husband works every other saturday morning.
on the saturday mornings he's home he tries real
hard to get me to do stuff around the house.
on the saturday mornings he's not home i try
real hard to get myself to do stuff around the house.
here's what i usually end up doing for at least an hour
every saturday morning.  catching up on all the blogs
that i haven't read for the whole week.  so, i surf.
surfing is good for the soul.
*big smile*
 i go to the farm chicks and serena
makes me want to be a better house keeper.
i visit heather bullard and she makes me
want to decorate my house simply and beautifully.
i go visit my friends and family to see how life is going for them.
i visit meg at whatever and she makes me feel better about 
being a mama.  kasey b makes me laugh....
the list goes on and on.
i have been on pioneer woman hiatus for a while cuz
she just makes me jealous.  i know that it's an ugly trait.
*another big smile and let's throw a wink in there*
but this morning i gave in to the urge and clicked on 
over there and there she is all happy and funny and cute
just doin her i clicked around and found a link 
to another blog....i said surfing remember...and i just
had to share it with my friends.
it'll make ya laugh.

so, now, i suppose i'm off to clean...
hope you are enjoying your morning!!


have you ever wondered why i don't use capital
letters on my blog?
if you have, the reason is this:
my shift key on my keyboard on the left side
has been broken for a year or so.
why, for the love of pete, do i not get a new one you ask?
because i'd rather spend my money on fabric, or paper,
or paint, or garage sale finds, or clothing for the little ones, or
pepsi, or sunflower seeds, or a movie...
you get the point.

August 17, 2011

just droppin in to say...

went to lake powell last week...
it deserves a post.
little miss maya turns 8 this week.
she'll get her own tribute.
but right now
i am's way too late.
but i wanted to say hi to everyone.
so...hi everyone!


August 6, 2011

hair cut...

so you know when you have long hair
and then you decide one day at 5pm that you
want your hair cut short because you are going
to lake powell and it would be nice to have short hair.
so you call someone to see if they can get you in
the next day and sure enough they can!
so you go and you cut a lot off of your hair
and then you go...holy @#$! what did i just do?
yeah, had that experience this week.
impulsiveness is a curse sometimes.



it's just hair, it's just hair, it's just hair...
it'll grow back, it'll grow back, it'll grow back...

remember that line in 'steel magnolia's' where
julia roberts says to dolly parton
'just make it look like a football helmet on top of her head'
just call me helmet head for a while.
did i already say urghhh?
i mean it.

hope you are having a good hair day.
*big smile with a little bit of a lump*

August 3, 2011

duct tape shoes...

we have the cutest new neighbors.
they are an awesome family and
i think the two little ones wish at
times that they actually belonged
to that awesome family.
they instantly got
two big sisters and two big brothers.
the little one has adopted one of 
those sisters as her personal 
beauty consultant.
that cute girl paints her toenails
almost daily, does her hair, and 
makes her duct tape shoes!!
i had to share those shoes
because they are too darn cute.

thank you cute little girl...
my cute little girls think you are 

August 2, 2011

i have a dream... got me...i have many, many dreams!
but this one is a BIG one and one i've had it for a long time.
every since i read about *sisters on the fly*

picture from sisters on the fly on their name above and it will take you there.

i want to be an owner of a oh so cute vintage trailer.
i want to decorate it and ~LOVE~ it and bring it 
back to its original glory plus a little!

here are a few i have found around the blogosphere
that make me drool...and one i saw in person at
*the farm chicks* show.  it belonged to the girl who
sold me one of my favorites gifts ever...
the *perfect shade of  green* cooler.

i thought i would share some pictures that i have found...
first up is audree

you have to go visit *the fancy farmgirl*
you will want to read her blog...all of it.
and look at all her gorgeous photos.
look at her chicken coop because it is prettier than a lot of houses.

here is miss montana...
i got to visit her in person and
she is full of spunk and personality!

that's my favorite part of her...haha!

picture from sisters on the fly website

and i would proudly own any of these little *beauties*

how saweet is that little set-up?!?!

i really love this little ~cowgirl paradise~

there are just a few little treasures i found this morning
while wasting huge amounts of time on the computer.

you can follow my pinterest board where i like to collect all my dreams.
i'm thinkin as soon as i can get the little ones off to college
or wherever their *dreams* take them, i am buyin me a dream!!
did you hear that big d? 
 he has to be on board because i'm thinkin i'm gonna need his help.

happy tuesday...
can you believe it is august freakin 2nd???

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