August 6, 2011

hair cut...

so you know when you have long hair
and then you decide one day at 5pm that you
want your hair cut short because you are going
to lake powell and it would be nice to have short hair.
so you call someone to see if they can get you in
the next day and sure enough they can!
so you go and you cut a lot off of your hair
and then you go...holy @#$! what did i just do?
yeah, had that experience this week.
impulsiveness is a curse sometimes.



it's just hair, it's just hair, it's just hair...
it'll grow back, it'll grow back, it'll grow back...

remember that line in 'steel magnolia's' where
julia roberts says to dolly parton
'just make it look like a football helmet on top of her head'
just call me helmet head for a while.
did i already say urghhh?
i mean it.

hope you are having a good hair day.
*big smile with a little bit of a lump*


Anonymous said...

wow,, you have beautiful hair,, just lovely,so thick and lots of body,, it looks great from what I can see of the back,,

Griffin and Gretchen said...

haha oo am i at that place right now. you will love that short hair at lake powell! plus! it looks so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I can SO relate to this. I've been medium longish lately, then one day I decided it's time for a haircut. And I want it cut RIGHT NOW. I got it cut and it was horrible, so the next week I got it cut again, hoping to fix(?) it. So now it's really really short and I hate it. Really. Hate.It. I keep telling myself the same's only hair! IT will grow. But when?

Anonymous said...

Also, I love love love Steel Magnolias. And I'm pretty sure your hair looks better than mine.

denise said...

ok so I want to see the front of the hair. If it looks as good as the back it is gorgeous for sure. Who did you end up going to? All i can say is Nicole better get up here really quick or I might be joining you.

Mindy said...

I almost did that 2 days ago, but the girl I asked couldn't do it... and now I don't know that I want to. But... I HAVE to see more of your hair! You have such fabulous hair. I bet it looks great on you!!

Hayley said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I have had the roughest evening and you totally made me feel better...I will sleep better, I think. Now that sounds crazy! I did this exact same thing with my hair last summer...I almost cried when I realized I couldn't even really get it into a ponytail! But a year later I'm back to being okay. That probably didn't help you feel better...:) I love your blog--my favorites to read are more real-life than magazine pictures. Hope you're having a nice week...Thanks again for visiting my little corner of the www. Please stop by again.

Jen said...

I personally think it's darling!

Mel said...

I loved your hair when you came over. I thought it was so stylish...

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