August 22, 2011


this picture is my sweet friend mindy's daughter.
when i asked mindy if i could steal it from her
she sent it in an email and the name on
the file was change.  the funny thing is...this picture
was something that i was using for a big 
change in my life.  hmmm.
i am on the edge of a new venture...
it's something i have been thinking about
and planning for a few months and
am more excited about then anything!
 but i am not ready to launch yet.
here's where you come in.
i need all of you, my favorite peeps,
 to give me some help.
so, if you are a lurker who usually doesn't comment,
i really need you to comment today, or tomorrow, or next week...
just sometime, on this post.
pretty please.
don't make me beg, it isn't pretty.

so, out with it already, right?
i need each and every one of you to
think real hard about what or who inspires you.
not like your mom or your church leader or your 
amazing big get the point.
i need you to think about what blogs, what stores,
what books, what inspirational gals online,
inspire you to create.  whether
it is painting or art journaling or photography or 
jewelry or sewing, gift wrapping or giving, decorating
your house, or whatever!
just what makes you want to go right out
and make something, create something,
take a most fabulous picture, sew a quilt, 
or write the book of your heart.  
then, i need you to comment here and let me know.
i am looking for things on the www mostly but if there
is a favorite store that gives that creativity inside you 
a spark then let me know about that too.
if you have any questions then please let me know.
you guys are the!



Mindy said...

Mindy said...

I'll try to think of more. :)

Oh, and perfectly named photo. ;)

Kristin said...

sending you a little email soon dear girl...i needed to get some things figured out before i answered your fb with you soon...


Britny Hill said...

I think its called or it may be just .com not sure but cant check at the moment. Also, Annie Sloan (.com?) has a drooling collection of chalk paints and light and dark waxes for furniture remodels. and, TheInspiredRoom(blogspot or .com) is luscious:)

Kr!sty said...

For inspiration/my love of writing/reading...I LOVE Nie Nie Dialogues blog simply b/c her house is decorated SO cute and she writes so well. Also, I love reading the blog A Daily Scoop.

As for motivating me to be creative...Hobby Lobby is my fave store!

girlsmama said...

I obviously love v and co, another is Tea Rose Home. I also enjoy Simplify with Camille Roskelly. I'm inspired by creativity. Plus I have a rule that if I want to create I have to do the blah cleaning first.

Anonymous said...

Erin said...

I'd think some of the diy's on work for me, as well as She's a lovely person whose life just looks not glamorous but full of adventure and self-discovery.

Jen said... and are a couple of my favorites

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