August 2, 2011

i have a dream... got me...i have many, many dreams!
but this one is a BIG one and one i've had it for a long time.
every since i read about *sisters on the fly*

picture from sisters on the fly on their name above and it will take you there.

i want to be an owner of a oh so cute vintage trailer.
i want to decorate it and ~LOVE~ it and bring it 
back to its original glory plus a little!

here are a few i have found around the blogosphere
that make me drool...and one i saw in person at
*the farm chicks* show.  it belonged to the girl who
sold me one of my favorites gifts ever...
the *perfect shade of  green* cooler.

i thought i would share some pictures that i have found...
first up is audree

you have to go visit *the fancy farmgirl*
you will want to read her blog...all of it.
and look at all her gorgeous photos.
look at her chicken coop because it is prettier than a lot of houses.

here is miss montana...
i got to visit her in person and
she is full of spunk and personality!

that's my favorite part of her...haha!

picture from sisters on the fly website

and i would proudly own any of these little *beauties*

how saweet is that little set-up?!?!

i really love this little ~cowgirl paradise~

there are just a few little treasures i found this morning
while wasting huge amounts of time on the computer.

you can follow my pinterest board where i like to collect all my dreams.
i'm thinkin as soon as i can get the little ones off to college
or wherever their *dreams* take them, i am buyin me a dream!!
did you hear that big d? 
 he has to be on board because i'm thinkin i'm gonna need his help.

happy tuesday...
can you believe it is august freakin 2nd???



Mindy said...

Amen, sister. :)

Kristin said...

audree is a beaut!! all the more better in person, especially being entertained by dear sweet tiffany!
you would have *loved* her!

the WINTERS family! said...

so fun!

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