August 20, 2011

saturday mornings...

here's the deal...
my husband works every other saturday morning.
on the saturday mornings he's home he tries real
hard to get me to do stuff around the house.
on the saturday mornings he's not home i try
real hard to get myself to do stuff around the house.
here's what i usually end up doing for at least an hour
every saturday morning.  catching up on all the blogs
that i haven't read for the whole week.  so, i surf.
surfing is good for the soul.
*big smile*
 i go to the farm chicks and serena
makes me want to be a better house keeper.
i visit heather bullard and she makes me
want to decorate my house simply and beautifully.
i go visit my friends and family to see how life is going for them.
i visit meg at whatever and she makes me feel better about 
being a mama.  kasey b makes me laugh....
the list goes on and on.
i have been on pioneer woman hiatus for a while cuz
she just makes me jealous.  i know that it's an ugly trait.
*another big smile and let's throw a wink in there*
but this morning i gave in to the urge and clicked on 
over there and there she is all happy and funny and cute
just doin her i clicked around and found a link 
to another blog....i said surfing remember...and i just
had to share it with my friends.
it'll make ya laugh.

so, now, i suppose i'm off to clean...
hope you are enjoying your morning!!


have you ever wondered why i don't use capital
letters on my blog?
if you have, the reason is this:
my shift key on my keyboard on the left side
has been broken for a year or so.
why, for the love of pete, do i not get a new one you ask?
because i'd rather spend my money on fabric, or paper,
or paint, or garage sale finds, or clothing for the little ones, or
pepsi, or sunflower seeds, or a movie...
you get the point.


girlsmama said...

Ha! Look I'm still haven't fallen off the face of the earth. :) I just can't seem to keep my head above water for very long. The kids go back to school on Monday. Yay!

The Broom and I link was hilarious. It so describes my life. :)

And Oh my Heck! I can't believe Mady is engaged! Holy cow. I'm never letting my girls go to college. :)

Anonymous said...

thats so funny and I'm right there with you ,, at least a important keys not broken like an a or an l then you would be in trouble,,have a super weekend!

Rachel Holloway said...

Your posts are just so cute I could squeeze them! :) Truly. :)

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