September 27, 2011

bus driver...

i have been a substitute school bus
driver for just about 3 yrs.
i've loved being a sub because
i have had control over when
i work...very flexible job.
throughout these 3 yrs i have been
 offered runs every year
and i have politely turned them
 down because i wanted to
get the littlest one in 1st grade
 before i took a full time run.
well, money is tight.  a little too tight.
last week i went in to talk to my supervisor because i was
going to tell her that if a junior high or high school run opened
up i would take it.  those are earlier runs which allow me to
be here when the girls go to school and be here when they get home.
that is really important to me and it's something i won't compromise on.
she was out of town for the week so i figured i would go in and talk to
her sometime this week.  this morning she called me because she had a
junior high run open up and just wanted to try and see if i would take it.
 i never told her i was looking for a route.  cool, huh?
 the scary thing is that the lady who was driving these junior high maniacs
quit because she couldn't handle them.
yeah, that scares the crap out of me!  i'll just have to show them who's the woman.  ha ha ha ha
wish me luck and i'll let you know how it goes.
we may spend some quality time on the side of the road tomorrow.

** it turns out that the driver who quit is very sensitive to noise.
now, maybe it's just me, but isn't being a bus driver the LAST thing this
lady should do as a job??  kids are noisy and these kids aren't even the
worst i've had on my bus.  they are actually good kids who haven't given
me a lick of trouble.  whew....thank goodness!

*big smile*

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Mindy said...

Give 'em hell, Marci! ;) They'll love you!!

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