October 29, 2011

i am so excited!!!

so i just got my first paycheck that was more than 20 hrs.
i've been wanting something for a long time but wouldn't
let myself buy one...
then i made good money off of my booth at *SPARK*
(i will be showing pictures of that soon, soon, soon)
and got a paycheck and sooo i totally spoiled myself a little.

how beautiful is that bad boy??
he looks sooo pretty on my porch table.

my dear friend jeannette texted me yesterday and told me
the lanterns were on sale at hobby lobby for 50% off.
i couldn't wait till the man left for work today so i could sneak off.
then i found this beauty and the glass was cracked so they gave me
and additional 10% off!!!!!!  YAY ME!!!
anyways, i had to share with someone who could appreciate it...
maya and peyton have no excitement about these things
and the man probably won't notice (i hope) for awhile.
*big smile*

happy saturday!!


the WINTERS family! said...

Love it! Things are so much greater when you get them for a bargain!

Mindy said...

Oooh, LOVE it!! Brandon never gets mad at me for buying things, but I'm always afraid to tell him... why is that? :)

Rachel Holloway said...

OH. MY. WORD. I absolutely think that lantern was MADE for your house! IT'S PERFECT!!!!! Soooo happy for you--did a happy dance even. :)

girlsmama said...

Stunning! even BIGGER SMILE. :) I love it. And he won't be too upset...because it makes you so happy!

Jennifer said...

Your lantern is awesome! I too was at Hobby Lobby on Saturday and could not resist the pull of the lanterns, although mine is not the beauty yours is. It looks perfect! Still waiting for my check....I want to splurge on something! Have a happy day.


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