January 30, 2011

look how cool my kid is...

her and her stunting partner, matt, like to 
show their stuff in weird places.
it's kinda cool.
she's got some pretty unique pictures doing it.
she's pretty fearless,
not like her mama.

happy sunday!

that beautiful building up there is the 
lds temple in salt lake city.
it is decorated with millions of twinkle
lights in december and is
something worth seeing!
especially from the top of the 
joseph smith memorial bldg
while you eat yummy food!!

January 26, 2011



That is for my mom who has the slowest internet in the world.

well...so you probably guessed or you just know me so you know.

this is how the welcker's roll...
we decided to get our carpets cleaned because
 they were so nasty i didn't want people to come over and visit.
with dave that means the house has to be emptied of furniture
so we can get the biggest bang for our buck.
then i thought we could use the gift certificate i got for 
christmas from the home depot and get the paint
to paint our room that i have hated forever.
then dave said well while we are doing that maybe i 
will rework our closet like i've been wanting to
and then i suggested maybe now would be the 
perfect time to put the wood on the ceiling and wall
behind our bed like i've been wanting to do for  6 yrs
and then i bribed him to put the door in that i've had sitting in 
the barn for 2 1/2 yrs.

so there you go...
carpet cleaning the welcker way.
this also meant that all of this had to happen in a weekend.
so that the carpet cleaners could come on a day that would work.
woohooo!  bring it on!!

so remember this...

after it went through this awkward phase

it became this...

then there was the closet.
now i am aware that some of you are saying wahuh?
that's your closet?
do you realize that our walk-in closet
 could eat ten of your closets for lunch?
yes, people, i do realize. 
 when you live in a 1960's rambler
there is no such thing as walk-in anything storage.
you love what you have and take walks
in the back pasture to remember why you live in a 1960's rambler.

no more ugly sliding doors...ahhh.

hey how'd that hottie get in there?
he's the remodel guy...homina homina.;D

no more ugly tv thing because it fits nicely in our closet.  whoohoo!!
and now i can actually reach all of my pants.
that is a good thing.

do you remember this wall?

it's now covered in chocolatey yumminess.

i'm still working on ideas for that wall...
we'll see what happens.

this little junkin beauty was my anniversary gift last year.
gosh i love my husband.
he knows the key to my heart.
she has been hanging on the back patio just waiting for my wall
of wood to get to come in the house.

this is a horrible picture but i really wanted to post tonight so i'll take
some better ones later after she gets her knobs.
cabinet hardware people.
we think that this pretty little lady came from 
the same place as the cabin but we aren't sure.
when you collect a lot of junk you lose track sometimes.
she is a lovely shade of robin egg blue and she 
came already crackled and primitive looking.
we were going to just set her up in the corner or hang
her on a wall and then the man had an idea.
not only did he have an idea but he then went and 
made the idea come true in a couple of hours.
so he turned her into a corner cupboard so that 
i can hide all of the books by my bed.  
i have a book problem.
they are everywhere.
i'll show pictures when she gets her new/old hardware.

this is what the shutters looked like when we picked them up for $5, yes $5, at the di.
we got enough to redo all of our windows, go us!

mr fix it cut them down to size and gave them a fresh coat of paint. 
love them.
they change the whole look of things.
those and the knobs on my closet doors. 
i love them too.

but my fave thing is this...

yes, i love the light but really my most fave thing in the whole room
is the ceiling.  it reminds me of a beach cottage.
which reminds me of the ocean and i love the ocean.

the light is pretty though...here's a better shot.

all jingly and jangly but a nice patina that's a little rustic.
that's my goal...feminine but with a little grit.

btw...did you see true grit?  good movie, you should go see it.

now let me show you the door.
but first i am going to give you a history lesson about the door.
a few years ago i did a show at a ladies house.
i've stalked the house for a few years and when i saw
she was doing a craft show i did it just so i could see inside.
i know, i know, a little crazy.
turns out she and i are kindred spirits.
she loves it old and gritty too.
she has old doors with windows in her house. 
i immediately started amassing old doors with windows.
the big guy agreed to it but wasn't in a huge hurry to get er done for me.
so last year for christmas he gave me a coupon for one install.
it was done in the fall for the bathroom.
and like i said after a bribe, which i will not disclose, 
he agreed to do the bedroom.

here she is.
isn't she lovely?

i love old things.
have i told you that before?!  
oh, sorry to repeat myself.

so after a weekend of my girls looking like this 

and playing wayyyy too much wii.

this guy...

came through, yet again, and gave me a big ole smile.
i love it big time.
it's what i've been plotting in my head for 6 yrs or so.
now i need to figure out what goes on the walls
and hopefully someday get the bed goods that i want.
think all puffy and white and burlap colored.

thanks for letting me show and tell.
it's fun to get to share it with ya'll.


January 9, 2011

my weekend...

busy with this...

and this...

and a little of this...

and a tiny bit of this...

and, well, don't even get me started on this...

and then at the end of the day some of this....

cuz we need a little down time.

can't wait to share what all this is about with you.

hope you are having a great weekend!

January 7, 2011

14 preschoolers...

that's how many i got to help take to the fire station yesterday.
it was fun.
no, really, it was.
they are really funny and super cute.

did i go just for fun you ask...
nope i went because of this little fruit loop.

someday i think this photo will be used to scare off 
potential suitors that i don't think
are good enough for my baby girl...she looks a little crazy.
i love it!

we had a police officer come and talk to them.
turns out we have a very handsome one that we know.
they all got sticker badges and got to see all the gear.
then we took off and went to see the fire trucks.

and they got to try on the fire gear.
is she cute or what?

and the moms...
well we got to look at the hot firemen.
turns out that is not a myth.
firemen are very handsome.
i came home and told the big guy 
he went into the wrong field.
he is definately hot enough to be a fireman.
then my niece's husband said that it was
creepy that his wife and her 40 yr old aunt
were ogling the firemen.
he called me 40!
i called me straight away and let him
know that was not kosher.
at all.
i am not 40.
i'm only 38.

sorry...got a little sidetracked there.
but it made me very grateful that i am
not that lady on tv who has like 19 kids.
and it made me very grateful that i don't
teach 14 preschoolers.
my sister, who is their teacher, is a gem.
thank you miss ginny!
and thanks for allowing me to
 ogle hot firefighters for a minute.
go on the field trip!


January 5, 2011

yummy yum yum...

there is something up with picnik tonight and it
wants nothing to do with flippin this picture around.
pretend it's the right way, ok?

so part of the big transformation....
every time i say that i hear a deep booming 
voice saying it like at the motocross races or something.
is getting healthy.
so instead of drinking 64 oz. of pepsi everyday, i am drinking water.
instead of eating fresh fruits and veggies once or twice a week i have
started drinking green smoothies.
looks yummo doesn't it?
actually it looks like something i don't want to talk about because i am
currently looking at that glass up there sitting in front of me half way gone...
got a little more to go.
so use your imagination.
there are a few really sick things it looks like.
here's the kicker...
it's actually pretty good.
depends on what you put in there.
i've been experimenting...sometimes it's good, sometimes it just is not.
that one up there...pretty good.
i've learned today though that fresh pineapple is not good in it unless you
drink it all at once.
i make one and then put it in my handy dandy pampered chef pitcher that 
will remix it.  then i can drink it throughout the day.
not a good idea if you are using too many citrusy things, especially oj.
talk about some nasty heartburn.  ick.
so i thought i would give you a few pointers just in case you'd like to try one.

i always start out with half a smoothie maker of raw spinach.
then i add either half a can of coconut milk or some yogurt.
those will make it creamy.
you can use bananas and they will do the same thing but i hate bananas.
then i add a handful of frozen pineapple or mango or peach or all the above.
you can add a handful of frozen strawberries or raspberries.
i always add a handful of frozen blueberries cuz you really can't taste them 
but i know they are super good for you.
i added frozen cranberries one time...not a good idea. 
 that was a bad smoothie day.
maya wouldn't even drink it.
that's sayin something. 
yup she likes the green smoothies.
sometimes. she tries a little and then lets me know if it's a good smoothie day or not.
i also like to go to the hispanic aisle at the market and get guava nectar.
or they have pineapple or mango or whatever.
you can add a half a can of that if you want.  it makes it sweeter.
i also add honey sometimes.  that helps with the sweetness.
so then you add enough water to cover the spinach up.
i add ice cubes too because i like it slushier than the frozen fruit makes it.
then you just blender the hell out of it.
it takes a while on high to get all the spinach juiced up.

so there you go.
green smoothies according to me.
try one, i double dog dare you.
i'll bet you might like it.
or maybe you'll have a bad smoothie day and you won't.
that's the fun of it.
just mix a bunch of stuff and see what happens.
it's like being a kid.


January 2, 2011


do you know what i love about being 38?
at 38 you realize that every day is a new day.
every year is a new year.
(i know you are saying duh marci of course it is.)
but do you really know it?
i really do.
i have learned that december is not the right month to start trying to live differently.
so, i will take advantage of a new day as a chance to start over.
i won't beat myself up.
i won't say that i've failed.
because as long as you keep on trying you never really fail.
hello new day and hello new year!
here's hoping it is our best yet!!

*wink and a smile*
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