About Me

this is me...
the one in the back in the white shirt 
with a big ole smile on her face.
because those other people in the picture...
are the ones that i am all about.

i am a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, a small business owner, a part-time school bus driver, a cheer mom, a junk lovin woman, a creator of good stuff, a cook, someone with a passion for gardening, farming, and color....you get the picture.  i am so many things but the most important thing to me is those 4 people up there.
why, you ask, did i pick such a goofy picture?
well for starters it was the only one that my 
handsome husband was smiling big in.;D
and i think it shows our personality as a family. a little wacky.


this is me and the husband, i call him big d.
we have a little farm that we call fallow field.

 last year was our second year of
 many that we are
going to have a marketplace
 full of  beautiful handmade
goods, antiques, and 
vintage finds at our farm.
we work pretty well 
together he and i. 
we've built a little bit of 
heaven out of something that
wasn't so much.  all with hard work
 and a whole lot of junk!
we've known each other since
 i was 12 and i stole his heart.
and then when i was 20, 
he stole mine. 
he's my best friend.


those other 3 up there.
those are my girls.
they are 
my heart.
my joy.
my life.


so to sum me up...
i love my family
i love my home
i'm fond of our animals
i need color
which has lead to 
a fabric hoarding problem
and a paper hoarding problem
and a gardening problem
i love to get my hands dirty
i have an unusual love of rusty stuff
my motto is one man's junk...
i adore the farm chicks 
i am an apron girl
in more ways than one...
i'm simple
i love driving a big yellow bus
and i just want to be happy!

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